Easy Taffy Lover Protein Shake


What was your favorite candy growing up? For us besides chocolate, undeniably was salt water taffy candy. It was the best type of candy to feast on, and brings back so many memories of childhood! However, it is not all that nutritious for health. Salt water taffy's main components are sugar, cornstarch, corn syrup, butter, salt, and food coloring- which makes this tasty treat not the best- so we were looking to find a way to make our childhood favorite candy included with things to make with protein powder. And we came up with a hit- meet this low-carb shake and bake recipe composed of just four items to bring you back to your childhood- and did we mention it is free of all artificial sugars?

Head to the Boardwalk this summer with this Saltwater Taffy Shake - the perfect way to inspire your summer travel (and healthy eating) plans! 

What you'll need:

How it's made: 

  1. Add Protein Milkshake Cupcake Batter, one cup of your choice of nut milk, once cup of frozen bananas, vanilla extract, and a pinch of sea salt to a blender and shake over ice!
  2. Pour into a glass and enjoy! 

Recipe Variations

  • While our recipe calls for nut milk, you can use any kind of milk you would like in this recipe. While dairy milk contains more protein, Protein Milkshake's protein powder contains 22 grams of protein alone, which is enough to keep you satisfied for hours. It is true that there is less protein in almond and coconut milk, but the use of protein powder in this shake will give you all the protein nutrition you need to take on the day head on. There are plenty of options available, and you can choose the right one for you!
  • Instead of using frozen bananas, you can also use fresh cut and organic bananas for more nutritional value and a more pungent banana flavor. 
  • Can also sub this recipe for a chocolate salt water taffy recipe using Protein Milkshake's Chocolate protein powders
  • This recipe is low-carb, and a low-calorie shake recipe containing only 110 calories- and trust that you are getting the highest quality and nutrition content with this whey protein powder recipe!

Why choose Protein Milkshake over other brands?

Protein Milkshake was created with women in mind who are wanting to lose weight and/or maintain a healthy lifestyle without going on a diet. Our protein powders are organic, grass-fed and premium protein that is crafted locally in the heart of California and is the best grade of quality. With just two protein shakes a day, you can shake and bake to your health goals knowing and having piece of mind to ease your cravings in a healthy way! Each serving of Protein Milkshake contains twenty two grams of protein, only three grams of carbs, 110 calories per serving, and contains no artificial sweeteners or sugars.Click here to try Protein Milkshake today!

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