Ingredient Integrity Guarantee

Protein MilkShake Bar’s Whey is created with advanced filtration, entirely cold processing, and an optimal ratio of isolate to concentrate, using only undenatured protein.

Protein MilkShake Bar's products are made with the freshest Whey Protein Powder. We purchase and manufacture our Whey Protein in micro batches (less than 50 packages of each flavor at a time).

Because of our unique manufacturing process; we guarantee the freshest ingredients and a premium quality product.

This means we can't compete on cost with many whey protein suppliers. Most companies buy protein in bulk - and can store it for months or years. Buying Whey protein this way is very cost efficient, however, it can lead to protein degradation.

Our whey protein comes in one-pound bags. You can go though it quickly and re-order more often - always having the freshest product, and never getting stuck and bored with 5 pounds of one flavor.

We believe in fulfilling the highest standards of quality and we will never sacrifice that for price.


Our Manufacturing Process

Protein MilkShake Bar ensures the integrity of all of our products. Our manufacturing process is strictly regulated using GMP compliant and FDA regulated guidelines; and verified through random in-house and independent laboratory testing.

Only cGLP analytical laboratory services are used to confirm the purity of every ingredient on our labels. To further diminish any chance of physical, chemical, and microbiological contaminants, we have established and implemented an in-house Quality Control Board Program that ensures all aspects of production undergo a point check process. Trained Quality Assurance personnel check all storage, blending, and production areas and conduct final inspections 365 days a year.