The 3 Causes For Unwanted Weight Gain - Which One Is Holding You Back?

Do you know which of these culprits are stopping you from achieving your goals:

  1. Overeating calories

  2. Undereating protein 

  3. Medication 

1. Overeating calories.

The problem is that most people don't know that their daily calorie intake needs to be personalized. 

Because no two bodies are the same, no two calorie needs are the same either. 

If you are not seeing weight loss results, it is probably because you are not following the correct calorie plan for your personal daily needs.

Our 30 Day Transformation program provides you with a medically verified survey to determine the exact required daily caloric intake necessary to reach your desired goal. 

This same information can then be inputted into one of many fitness tracking apps, such as My Fitness Pal,  enabling you to conveniently record food consumption as part of an effective diet plan that finally makes permanent weight loss success within reach.

2. Undereating protein.

Eating enough protein is paramount to achieving well-controlled long term weight loss.


Factors such as age, height, current weight and goal body weight must be taken into account in determining your daily protein requirement.

This number usually falls somewhere between 100-160g per day. 

Not eating enough can have serious repercussions.

It causes your body to break down lean muscle for energy which will decrease metabolic rate and ultimately lead to greater fat accumulation.

Adequate protein consumption also helps balance hormones which may contribute heavily when dealing with excessive fat deposits due to age or illness related hormonal alterations.

3. Medication 

Although medication can lead to fluctuations in weight, careful nutrition still plays a major role in healthy and sustainable changes. 

With the proper personalized nutrition plan guiding your habits, you can often see significant long-term results even while taking certain medications - just at an adjusted pace.

Out of the three possible factors, unwanted weight gain is most commonly the result of overeating calories or under eating protein.


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Regardless of what has been stopping you from achieving your desired goal in the past, this program will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

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The 50g protein breakfast shake gives you the protein boost you need for weight loss, while keeping your daily calories under control. 

The weekly meal plans give you new recipes to try. 

And you can easily track your progress as you log your daily meals in your meal tracking app.

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