Protein Milkshake

NEW: Protein Milkshake Vanilla Caramel Premium Whey Protein

$ 89.99

Vanilla Caramel Premium Whey Protein is filled with the warm and toasty flavors of sticky caramel sauce drizzled over creamy vanilla ice cream then perfectly finished with a sprinkle of sea salt. Sip in delight and reach your fitness goals.

✅ Includes 30 or 60 servings of Vanilla Caramel Protein Milkshake

✅ 22g protein, 3g carbs, 110 calories, 1.5g fat per serving

✅ Reduces cravings & appetite

✅ Mix 1-2 servings with water or unsweetened plant milk and drink for breakfast.

✅ Safe & effective for weight loss & weight maintenance

✅ Gluten free, rGBH free, naturally sweetened with organic stevia, non-gmo & ethically sourced

Here's why "Protein Milkshake" Organic Grass Fed Whey is not sold in stores...

...and different than other protein powders.

Almost every 'in market' protein powder is 'Artificial'.

This means they're basically made of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and ingredients, designed to taste sweet while keeping calories and carbs low. 

Effectively making the shakes 'low carb'. So that it meets your macros but does not satisfy not your actual 'cravings'.

Which is why on most days, you will have strong cravings for comfort foods and are never satisfied.

But at Protein Milkshake we don't just 'cover up' artificial ingredients that can be toxic in your body.

We use a special proprietary blend of all-natural and organic ingredients and sweeteners to actually 'curb' your sugar cravings and keep you satisfied.

Meaning our shakes will break down unhealthy 'habits' including:

-Sugar Cravings

-Late Night Snacking

-Not Getting Enough Protein

-Sticking To A Low Carb Diet
Read reviews below to see how customers feel about Protein Milkshake.

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