Has Your Metabolism Slowed? How To Shrink Fat Cells.

Most people think that metabolism slows down with age.

And you may feel like it's harder to lose weight as you get older.

But studies have shown that our metabolism stays the same from the age of 21 to 65.

So you may be wondering, why it does in fact feel harder to lose weight with age.

According to metabolic scientists, the reason is not your metabolism that changes with age.

But your insulin levels that become more resistant with age.

Insulin is a hormone that circulates within the blood.

You see, optimal metabolic health occurs when the body is:

1. Insulin sensitive

2. A body has low insulin levels for most of the day.

Your insulin levels control your metabolism.

Researchers note that elevated insulin levels disrupt the metabolism.

And leads to easier weight gain and slower weight loss.

So if you want to speed up your metabolism, you'll need to manage your insulin levels.

Your metabolic health is jeopardized when you develop insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance occurs when

1. Insulin isn't working well in your cells

2. Blood insulin levels are elevated

Insulin resistance is harmful and plays a role in nearly every chronic disease.

Now that you understand what is actually going on with your metabolism, you may be wondering how you can improve insulin sensitivity and speed up your metabolism.

The first step is shrinking fat cells.

And there are two ways you can do this:

1. Low Energy

AKA cutting calories. This main problem with this approach is HUNGER.

And if you've ever tried any super low calorie diet you know they don't work because hunger always wins.

2. Low Insulin

Prioritize protein, and control carbohydrates, and fat.

Processed carbohydrates are the major source of insulin spikes and should be avoided at all costs.

High fat should also be avoided because of the high calorie content.

Once insulin levels are decreased, a fat cell "cannot help but to shrink."

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