Weight Watchers Frosted Strawberry Milkshake

This delicious Weight Watchers frosted strawberry milkshake was created by @mazie_and_macros. 


Just imagine it...sitting on your back porch, 70 degrees out, you’ve already gotten your workout done for the day and you’re sippin on this baby. Paradise! 

What you’ll need for 1 milkshake: ⠀

1 serving Protein Milkshake 

17 frozen strawberries ⠀
30 g halo top vanilla ice cream ⠀
140 ml almond milk ⠀
18 g whipped topping ⠀

What to do: ⠀
Blend everything but whipped cream. Stir in whipped cream at the end before pouring. Top with cookies, fruit, whipped cream or whatever your heart desires. ⠀

Macros: ⠀
142 calories ⠀
18 carbs ⠀
2.1 fat ⠀
9.5 protein


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