Weight Watchers Apple Cinnamon Bread

This healthy Weight Watchers apple cinnamon bread was created by @hangry_tummy. 

Apple-y ever after Protein Milkshake!⁣

Thanks to Protein Milkshake for sending us a sample of their protein, the cupcake batter. We tried this out protein by baking an Apple Cinnamon to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings. This calorie/carb/protein numbers packs a nice combination. The macros feature 22g protein. 3g carb, 110 calories per serving per pack.⁣⁣

We added a bunch of pecans and walnuts turning every bite into a delightful experience feasting on these morsels of joy. A perfectly sweet apple cake bursting with chunks of fresh chopped apples, nuts and some vanilla plus cinnamon flavors. Fluffy, moist and a delicious relishment. ⁣

Are you an apple dessert lover? What are your favorite treats?⁣

Click here for Protein Milkshake.

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