Weight Watchers Protein Dip

This healthy salted caramel dip was created by @mrsflew2u. 

Friday Nights are always theeee best, who can confirm?! Chilling tonight with Bravo while indulging in this delicious salted caramel dip paired with some sliced apples!

This dip is super easy to make using a few ingredients as well as using Protein Milkshake protein powder ! This protein powder is only 1sp on WW and is delicious! So many other ways to make good use of the powder and great way to get extra protein in to stay fuller, longer! For me, its the perfect way for me to get my snack on while staying on track especially the night before weigh in! Check out the recipe down below for the salted caramel dip and let me know if you make it! 
Salted caramel dip:
-4oz of Fage NF greek yogurt
-3.5 oz Truwhip
-1-1/2 tsp of honey
-1 serving Protein Milkshake

Mix above items and/or add additions 
Optional toppings:
-13 @lilys_sweets
-2g of honey pecan pieces
-6g of SF caramel syrup

I made mine into 3 servings or 72g, making it 3 smart points! You can use the dip with bananas, graham crackers, or any fruit you prefer I just used apples!


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