Low Sugar 1SP Birthday Cake Frosty

This low sugar Birthday Cake Frosty is created by @ TALIASPLATE.

It’s hard to find a protein powder that isn’t super processed & sweetened with artificial sugars so this was a great find. Before buying protein powder I definitely recommend checking out the ingredients list & doing some research!⁣

Check out my story highlight “Frosty” to see how I make it! The frosty formula I super simple: frozen banana + ice + protein powder! You can adjust the amount of banana & ice you use to make the consistency ~perfect~ for you The protein powder you use will determine the main flavor, & you can add in any other flavors like peanut butter (or pb2)! ⁣


The deets on this beauty 👇🏼⁣
• 1/2 frozen banana⁣
• 1 tray of ice⁣
• 1 serving of Protein Milkshake cupcake batter flavor (1sp!!!)⁣
• optional: top with a few tbsp of @reeses whipped topping (1sp) and some sprinkles 


Click here for Protein Milkshake.

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