Weight Watchers Mini Cupcake Batter Waffles

These Weight Watchers mini protein cupcake batter waffles are created by FAMILYTOFUNSIZE . 

So i just love cute food. Mini waffles? With sprinkles? Fluffy? Tastes like cupcake batter? Yup. I'm in. These cute banana and egg pancakes are simple (i'm a fan of single bowl, 2-3 ingredient food. So this is the dream for me).


Weight Watchers Mini Protein Cupcake Batter Waffles 

It's 1 banana. 2 eggs. And i put in half a scoop of Protein Milkshake Cupcake Batter. And topped it with some fat free whip and sprinkles. It made 5 waffles. I ate 2 and shared 3. Overall, this was NOT a low carb meal because of the banana. But it was 30 grams of protein for the whole shebang and under 300 cals. Not bad. This is the mid week pick me up i didn't even know i needed.


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