Keto Salted Caramel Egg Pudding

This healthy keto salted caramel egg pudding was created by @igotideas. 

I decided to try Protein Milkshake. Obviously the first thing I did was taste the powder on its own - it was really tasty and the flavor was THERE! I think this is my favorite flavor that I've tried yet and honestly would buy this protein powder just to make this creation again! 
I recently tried making egg pudding for the first time - the version that's like a creme brûlée, where you steam it on the stove to cook. It's sort of my new obsession - thanks again @diaryofashrinkingmommy for turning me on to my new favorite keto/carnivore dessert! 
Anyway, my idea was to add the protein powder and a few other fun ingredients and make this salted caramel flan/custard-like thing. It turned out SPECTACULAR! Here's what I did:
1. In a bowl, mix six egg YOLKS with the packet of Protein Milkshake, 1 TBS of salted caramel @powercreamer, 1 TBS caramel @skinnymixes, and 85mL of water (you can sub with cream if you want). 
2. Blend and evenly distribute between 2-3 small, oven safe baking dishes or silicone molds (these are pastry silicone molds).
3. In a shallow pan that has a cover, heat up about an inch of water until it's simmering. Carefully place your filled dishes/molds inside, cover, lower heat to simmer, and cook for 5 mins. Carefully remove from the pan without getting water into your desserts, and set aside. I like to let these cool in the refrigerator but you can also eat them warm or at room temp!
4. When ready to serve, I topped with caramel @choczero syrup and chocolate @saltspringseasalt 🧂
This was SO GOOD, SO EASY, and ONLY 1 CARB per dessert (I made 3). Luckily the protein powder, which isn't a traditional ingredient here, blended beautifully and the flavors were balanced and bold. 


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