Keto Ice Cream Cake Donuts

This healthy keto ice cream cake donuts were created by @ddukes_keto_soccermom. 


Have yall ever had an icecream chocolate dipped donut? well its amazing!!

I used Protein Milkshake for the cake base. S these are protein!! The cookies n cream icecream was made using @killercreamery vanilla icecream and @lennyandlarrys "oreos" I also made some GRANOLA ICECREAM BARS USING @lowkarbofficial strawberry granola by pouringthe icecream over cooled cake and topped with granola. Sooo amazing guys!! I poured mixed icecream over baked and cooled donuts and bars. I dipped 1 donut in @choczero milk chocolate baking chips and topped it off with alittle to much @stokabars sprinkles. The other donut was just drizzled with the remaining chocolate. Freeze up to a couple weeks. These were so delicious guys! Enjoy!!


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