Keto Sundae Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cupcakes

This healthy keto sundae cookies and cream ice cream cupcakes were created by @ddukes_keto_soccermom. 


OKK yall these are protein cupcakes made with Protein Milkshake and stuffed with @killercreamery vanilla mct oil icecream. But with a twist! I made a cookies & cream 🍨by adding crushed @lennyandlarrys "oreos" Omg these taste better than any ICECREAM cupcake I've ever had!! 


-Make n bake @swervesweetie chocolate cake mix according to package
-1 serving Protein Milkshake 

- A couple of @letsbakebelieve chips over the cupcakes before baking. Bake scoop mids n Set aside.

-Hand mix(YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT) 1 pint @killercreamery
Vanilla (thank me later for this texture of icecream)
- Add 3 crushed "oreos" from @lennyandlarrys
-Scoop nto inside of scooped cupcakes, cover cupcake and freeze.

Hand mix, pour into a piping bag and refrigerate about 10 min. Pipe your cupcakes, top with melted @choczero Jacko (i was out of chips) add lots of sprinkes from @stokabars  and enjoy!


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