Keto Coconut Brownie Ice Cream Cake

This healthy keto coconut brownie ice cream cake was created by @bodybyketoburritos. 

Coconut Brownie Ice Cream Cake! 

Today is my parents 47th year wedding anniversary and I wanted to make something special! I mixed @highkeysnacks brownie mix and Protein Milkshake coconut cupcake protein milkshake mix together and once baked, I cut the brownie in half and stuffed the inside with @ketopint chocolate ice cream and sprinkled some fresh and fine coconut flakes and drizzled the top with @choczero chocolate syrup! The mix legit smelled like an almond joy candy bar! I let my mom lick the spoon after mixing, and she said (Insert Middle Eastern Accent here) “It doesn’t taste like diet”. That’s how you know it’s good!! The protein powder mix is only 3 net carbs, 22 grams of protein, and 120 calories in one single pouch! There was no protein aftertaste, just pure deliciousness!! The protein powder mixes are so versatile! You can turn it into a cupcake, milkshake, cake, waffles, puddings, cheesecakes....the list goes on and on! I highly recommend this product!


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