Keto Chocolate Protein Mug Cake

This healthy keto chocolate protein mug cake was created by @ghostingcarbs. 


I love the protein powders from @proteinmilkshake. Their flavors are out of this world delicious! I got a sample of the chocolate sundae flavor and decided to do a little dessert with it. ⠀

1 serving Protein Milkshake 
1 egg⠀
2 T cocoa powder⠀
1/2 tsp baking powder⠀
2 T allulose ⠀
1 T macadamia nut milk ⠀
Mix everything until well combined and there are no lumps. Pour into a greased coffee mug and microwave for 90 seconds. ⠀

Let cool in the fridge while you make the frosting. ⠀
1/4 C heavy whipping cream⠀
2 T confectioners swerve ⠀
Pinch of xanthan gum⠀
Whip in a stand mixer until peaks form. ⠀

Pipe frosting onto mug cake. Drizzle with #sugarfree chocolate syrup and chopped pistachios. Total chocolate sundae vibes! ⠀

The bonus is that the protein powder is packed with 100% grass fed protein.  It is sweetened with organic stevia and organic monkfruit, making it a great clean (and deliciously tasty!) source of protein. Totally keto friendly!  ⠀

Each serving of Protein Milkshake has 22g protein, 4g carbs and 120 calories. ⠀

Every flavor that I've tried is absolutely delicious. Its great as a shake and so fun to add to baked things too! ⠀


Click here for Protein Milkshake.

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