Keto Chocolate Protein Fat Bombs

This healthy keto chocolate fat bomb recipe is created by @ghostingcarbs. 

CHOCOLATE CAKE PROTEIN FAT BOMBS (with a little somethin special)! ⠀

Sometimes you just need a quick little treat to satisfy a craving.  And this ones packed with protein too!   Plus I kicked it up a notch for the holidays and added a little Grand Marnier!  ⠀

First I made the filling:⠀
1/2 cup softened butter⠀
1 oz softened cream cheese⠀
3 tbsp powdered sweetener (I used Swerve)⠀
1 serving Protein Milkshake (any chocolate flavor) 
1 tbsp Grand Marnier ⠀
Mix in a stand mixer until everything is incorporated.  Scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed.  Then roll into little balls.  I made 10.  ⠀

Then I chopped a handful of pecans and sugarfree chocolate chips and mixed that together.  Then i rolled the balls in the mixture to give them a nice coating.  Freeze and eat whenever you need a little treat!  ⠀

These are little treats you don't have to feel guilty about eating.  And this protein powder... they seriously make the best flavors.  Each serving (1 scoop) contains 22g protein • 4g carbs • 120 calories • 2g fat.  And i used 1 serving to make 10 little fat bombs.  I like to keep these in the freezer to treat myself here and there.  I'll probably eat one or two a day between meals.  And you can certainly leave out the Grand Marnier, I just though it would be a fun addition for the holidays!   ⠀

I use this protein powder often just as a shake in the morning, but its so fun to bake with and make little treats like this.  So versatile!   ⠀


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