Keto Caramel Protein Shake

This keto healthy caramel protein shake is created by @jaynicefit. 

Huge shout out to my friends @proteinmilkshake! They sent me by far my FAVORITE protein powder, Salted Caramel! I’m in love!! I love drinking a protein shake post workouts to feed my muscles! Drinking this felt like a treat!

Here are a few reasons why I recommend Protein Milkshake!

1. 3 Net Carbs per serving and 22 grams of protein. It definitely fits my macros!

2. The taste is amazing! Refreshing when cold post workout.

3. The protein powder was so easily to mix with either cold water or almond milk.


Click here for Protein Milkshake.

Click here for a FREE plan to help keep you accountable. 

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