The #1 Surprising Reason Low Carb Diets Fail

Improving our health should be a joyous transition of self-improvement.

Instead we’re often faced with the evidence of yo-yo diet failures every time we peek into the “skinny clothes” “fat clothes” section in the corners of our closets.

The reality is that losing weight is often a depressing struggle that leaves us feeling desperate and defeated. The cravings the headaches and how just plain awful it feels to be hungry but unable to eat the things we really want seems like a never ending struggle with every diet we attempt.

Did you know that there is a deep-rooted physiological reason for your cravings? And it has nothing to do with your willpower. In fact, a growing body of research proves that all those years that our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors went not knowing when their next meal was coming - has a tremendous impact on our bodies today. Daniel Lieberman, Harvard Professor of Biological Sciences explains, “Humans are hardwired to devour sugar.”

To understand why this is, let’s go back in time. There are two important biological reasons we humans were built to crave sugar:

1. SWEET = SAFE Our ancestors consciously chose sweet foods because if a food was sweet that meant it usually wasn’t poisonous. This evolutionary preference for sweet can be observed in infants. You’ll notice babies naturally gravitate toward the simple sugars found in pureed fruit and juice. 1 Have you ever tried to feed a baby kale? How about Dijon mustard? They are not interested. Babies may not know much, but their taste buds are already protecting them from harm. Our human genetic makeup has inherited the knowledge that bitter foods tend to also be poisonous but sweet foods are safe. Later in life we are conditioned to appreciate savory, spicy and bitter flavors... But it is undeniable that we are born with a tendency to gravitate toward sweet foods...

2. FAT = LIFE INSURANCE Sweet was also an indication that a plant is high in glucose, which meant that it would provide our ancestors with much needed energy. However, since excessive sugar in our bloodstream is toxic, our bodies evolved to rapidly convert excessive digested sugar in the bloodstream into FAT.

This was perfect! Our hunter-gatherer ancestors needed plenty of fat - more than other primates in order to be active during periods of food scarcity. WOMEN REQUIRED EVEN MORE SUGAR FOR REPRODUCTION. Which is why we tend to naturally have more of a sweet tooth than men.

Simply put, humans evolved to crave sugar, store it as fat, and then use it. You see, all those years of feasts and famines...all those years of eating well one meal and then going days without finding good food again...taught our bodies to store as much fat as possible.

And for millions of years, our cravings and digestive systems were exquisitely balanced because sugar was rare.

Most of the foods our ancestors had access to were no sweeter than a carrot.

And then things began to change....


Advances in farming made it easier for us to maintain a steady, year-round supply of foods high in starch. Advances in technology made refined sugar a cheap and bountiful energy source.

The trouble was (and still is) that while our machines have leapt into the Space Age, our bodies and brains are remain in the Stone Age. This is why diets fail us.

The truth is today’s popular diets like The Paleo Diet, The Mediterranean Diet and The Keto Diet to name a few - only address half of the weight loss problem. And fail to address our innate biological desire for sweet foods.

These diets focus on creating a caloric deficit to shrink our bodies while having no game plan for managing the scarcity signals this sets off in our brains. These diets fail us because they don’t address the powerful biological effects that cutting out sugar has on us. And then blame us for our lack of ‘willpower.’

Do you notice you start craving all kinds of sweets and carbs you never quite did before you went on a diet? Have you experienced a self-destructive and counterproductive binging starving cycles when attempting to maintain any diet? Sounds familiar right?

So, How Can We Turn Off Cravings Like A Light Switch AND Create the Massive Caloric Deficit Needed to Lose Weight?

Protein Milkshake Was Created To Solve For And Fill The Gap Where Most Diets Fail. Thanks to the latest technologies in nutritional science, we have now made it possible to instantly re-create high carb tasting dessert flavors that taste so sinfully good you’ll think they are bad for you.

Our proprietary blend of nutritional protein powders are made are uniquely flavored and naturally sweetened with high purity stevia, to taste like the sugary desserts you crave most when dieting.

Protein Milkshake’s mission is to give you that happy buzz you get from satisfying your sugar cravings, while providing a clean protein source packed with nutrients and antioxidants - throwing your metabolism into fat burning mode.

The result: your mind and body working synergistically, promoting the healthy eating habits needed to get you to your goals!

There’s finally NO GUILT and you’ll feel more confident knowing that you control your sugary cravings, not the other way around. Our nutritional protein powders are meant to be a part of a sustainable weight-loss strategy - and work with your body not against it.


Our nutritional shakes ARE NOT a magic potion and weight loss success requires a long term commitment to healthy eating and regular exercise. We call this a lifestyle upgrade, which consists of three elements:

1. 4-6 small but more frequent meals spread throughout the day . Include plenty of high protein, low-carb foods that have a moderate fat content. This helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels - keeping you energized and satiated.

A Protein Milkshake counts as 1 small meal. For weight maintenance one shake a day is recommended (preferably for a meal after 3pm when your metabolism slows down). If your goal is Weight Loss, 2 shakes a day will provide optimal results (one in the AM and one in the PM).

2. Load up on the veggies and drink 1-2 liters of water daily to help detoxify the fat that is breaking down in your body.

Try to keep your red meat intake to grass fed lean cuts and moderate servings. Many kinds of fish (wild salmon, tuna, halibut) are high in protein and omega-3 fats (the good kind!). Find ways to incorporate them into your diet.

3. Get regular exercise! You will see fat loss faster. When your body has access to sufficient protein and the amino acids protein contains, fat is converted into lean muscle mass far more effectively. If you want to see more significant results, add weights to your routine, and watch the inches melt away quicker and more effortlessly than before.


Through extensive research, our lab has develop over 12 dessert inspired flavors of whey and plant based vegan protein powders to ensure you’re covered for every craving.

These powerful nutritional shakes make the perfect to go meal. No messy cooking and clean up required!

They taste great mixed with just water or blended with nut milk, ice and your favorite low sugar fruit and yogurt.

You will find yourself effortlessly turning down unhealthy sweets, knowing that you have your sweet tooth completely taken care of.

Create your own mouth watering shakes or re-create the recipes on our blog & have fun. Countless combinations are possible!

Protein Milkshake has helped thousands of women dramatically improve their health and reach their optimal weight by helping them regain control of their dietary choices.

And we continue to receive rave reviews from our amazing customers...

There are few things more damaging to your health than excess sugar in your diet.

Protein Milkshake is a lot more than protein powder.... It’s an upgrade to a a healthier, happier life! No more yo-yo dieting, starving one day and then binging the next. No more guilt and feelings of frustration. Just remember - It’s not your fault. Baby, we were born this way!

We cannot beat our human biology, but we sure can work with our bodies to achieve our weight loss goals happily and effectively.

Let’s do it! 

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