How to Choose The Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss


Every cell in the human body contains protein - it is the building block of life. But not all proteins are equal. Finding a complete, high quality protein powder has proven to be a key factor in successful weight loss and weight maintenance.

Many argue that protein powders may not be necessary, and that whole foods are ideal. This is true in theory. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find protein packed food sources (meat, eggs and seafood) that are not polluted with hormones or other potentially harmful additives that can ultimately do more harm than good.

Studies have also shown that whey protein powder is an essential part of the weight loss and weight maintenance puzzle. 

So how do you find the perfect protein powder for weight loss?

There are a few qualities you'll want to look for:

1. Complete protein source.

Whey proteins powders which contain isolate and concentrate provide a complete protein source and maximum nutritional value.

While body builders may argue that a whey protein isolate is superior, this is not the case for weight loss. Whey isolate get digested and absorbed too quickly to keep you properly full. This means that it can't control hunger and act as an effective appetite suppressant the way a whey concentrate isolate blend would.

Vegan protein powders tend to be incomplete protein sources as most do not contain all 9 essential amino acids that are required for the body to consume. However, a few vegan protein powders include a powerful combination of plant based superfoods that do contain all 9 essential amino acids. Protein Milkshake's Vegan line is one of the few plant based protein powders that contain both organic pea protein and sacha inchi. These two superfoods work together to provide a complete protein source perfect for a plant based weight loss solution.

2. No artificial sweeteners.

When searching for the perfect protein powder (or any food product), you'll want to avoid artificial sweeteners. Studies show that artificial sweeteners can actually make you gain weight and store fat.

The best protein powder for weight loss will contain a high purity natural sweetener like stevia.

3. High protein & low carb.

This may seem like a no brainer, however, many protein powders for women don't contain 20g of protein per serving. If you are looking to lose weight, you'll want to have as many protein rich sources in your diet as possible. Carbs should be under 5g - anything more will likely come from additional sugars and fillers.

Looking beyond the nutritional label, the best protein powder for weight loss is ultimately one that you will want to drink everyday. Consistency is the biggest factor in weight loss success.

Find a protein powder you love and a plan you can stick to and you are half way there to reaching your weight loss goals!



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