15 Real Weight Loss Tips From People Who Lost Over 40 Pounds

15 Real Weight Loss Tips From People Who Lost Over 40 Pounds




It's always helpful to reach out for help on your weight loss journey and these Protein Milkshake community members did just that. These are their top tips, according to them:


1. There's no need to make a complete change when you start. Start out small and then go from there!


I had been at my heaviest since having my second child. I wanted to feel good about myself and get healthy for my kids so I started making tiny changes in my diet (like replacing regular cream and sugar with skim milk). and using Protein Milkshake to supplement and get my protein intake. After two months of changing my food habits, it was time to make a major change by joining a gym which provided HIIT classes. It wasn’t easy but after six months, 45 pounds lost later...I love working out and eating healthy now!

- Lexie


2. Stop drinking soda and quit consuming empty calories.


3. Your fitness journey is not a "diet." You don't want to restrict your body by following a diet. Instead, think about it as a lifestyle shift.


I’ve spent the last three years making small decisions every day for a healthier lifestyle. I've been trading fast food for meal-prepped food, and I've subbed Netflix marathons for ultramarathons on trails. This has allowed me to drop 120+ pounds while gaining an entirely new world! No fad diets are needed here—just some good old-fashioned better nutrition and exercise that are sustainable over time because they work with my body instead of against it. Maintaining my weight around 150 lbs from 270+ completely changed the trajectory makes everything in life easier now!



4.Find something that inspires you to get more active, like a furry companion.



I spent years hiding behind food and video games, but then I got a dog. Two Australian Cattle Dogs at that! They brought back my love of life; all the energy they had was infectious. I knew I had to make a change and start with just eating better so I could keep up with them: their crazy antics are exhausting if you're not in shape for it! Slowly but surely, losing weight became an unconscious habit because every day is now worth celebrating rather than feeling sorry about myself as usual--overall 90 pounds lighter from 260 to 170 pounds!



5. Take a walk. All around.


My teenage years were full of activity, but I began to feel anxious when I went off to college. I was too busy for exercise and my eating habits weren't the best. After graduating from college, it finally sank in that these old ways needed to be changed - because I lost myself! It wasn’t until then that fitness really became a part of my life again and what got me back into shape: walking every day brought on confidence enough do more activities like pilates or boxing which are now some of favorite workouts along with pole dancing (just not as much running). With the combination of supplementing and getting my protein needs using Protein Milkshake, I have been able to lose over 100 pounds two years later!



6. Delete all photo-editing apps on your phone and computer.


In 2018, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my adult life. I'd let the weight of the world and the pressure from work, family, my future, etc. take over my life. I was unhealthy, both mentally and physically. I realized that I needed to prioritize myself. I needed to learn to love myself, which was absolutely difficult!

I used to edit my photos to because I was not comfortable in my own body. But I set a goal for myself, and that was to delete any photo-editing software off of my phone. This way, I'd make peace with my image issues but also find true value in who I am, inside and out. I was going to put myself first because I'm important and I deserve to be happy. The mental change was everything- I was able to lose fifty pounds and find a new self-appreciation for myself.



7. Celebrate smaller victories and not just the weight loss.



I can't believe it's been three years since I started using my Fitbit. It taught me about calorie counting, exercise, and overall wellness. The biggest thing that helped was realizing that your weight isn’t always going to drop; you'll have weeks where things stay the same or go up but don’t focus on short-term changes in weight - there will be ups and downs along the way as long as you're making progress over time!

The last three years have been a whirlwind of weight loss and accomplishment. I've lost nearly 90 pounds, set achievable goals for myself that helped me get to where I am now - feeling proud with the dedication it took over these past few years. If your goal is not what drives you then don't expect success as long as there's no drive behind it all- be determined!



8. Learn about your food habits and create a plan to create healthy habits.



At 310 pounds, I started the year. This was the highest weight I'd ever been. It was time for me to make a shift. I began with diet and exercise, and had some results. In March, I was scrolling and found Protein Milkshake on Instagram. The page caught my attention, so I became a follower- I quickly realized that it was one the best decisions I have ever made.

Protein Milkshake helped me to understand my food habits and learn how to control portions. It also taught me how to set realistic and achievable goals. To improve my overall health, I have made more and more changes in my diet and exercise regimens since then, adding two Protein Milkshake shakes to my diet to get my protein source.I have lost 30 pounds in three months and am now officially below 200 for the first times since middle school. Although people keep praising me for how beautiful I look, the joy that I feel is not in the way that I look but in the way that I feel!



9. You must be brutally honest with yourself about why you are making a change.


I wrote a letter to my future-self that I could open up whenever I needed some motivation. In it, I was honest about everything and the letter to this day makes me emotional because of how raw it is and reminds me of when I was my lowest. At first, this might not seem like such a big deal - until you find out what happened. Looking back on the letter during the times I was down and needing motivation helped me lose weight! 95 pounds in 18 months!


10. As a way of keeping each other motivated, make working out a team activity.


My weight loss journey started unpredictably! I started out not even trying to lose weight. My husband started working out before bed, and I joined in to spend time with him. I made no other diet changes in my life, but after a month or so I got on the scale and found out I lost 10 pounds! I never thought I'd actually lose any weight just spending that time with my husband, but I got excited and wanted to continue. I started to eat healthier, using Protein Milkshake as my protein intake twice a day- and got more into exercising. I'd even wake up early to swim laps most mornings! I’m now down almost 80 pounds and thriving!

- Kaycee

11. Instead of seeing it as a never-ending journey, commit to doing something for a shorter time period (e.g. 30, 60 or 90 days). This will make it less daunting to tackle your nutrition and fitness.



My journey started as a commitment to myself. I committed myself to eating healthy, drinking lots of water, cutting down on alcohol and exercising a few times a week for 90 days. I found ways to include physical activities in my life, such as dancing classes, volleyball leagues, and joining a dodgeball club.

It was frustrating and difficult for the first 30 days, however as time went on, exercising became almost second-nature after about 45 days. My body adapted to getting up earlier, my taste buds adjusted to eating less sugar and salt, and my new routine was easy to follow. It became my new routine. In just over a year, I am proud to say I lost 40 pounds.


12. You can share your journey online for others to follow and hold you responsible.



In 2017, I was at my lowest point-I was pre-diabetic and miserable. I also had terrible PCOS symptoms. I knew I had to make a change, and in January 2018, I began keto, a high-fat and low-carb diet. Fast forward to January 2018, and I have lost nearly 70 pounds, reversed my insulin resistance, and been out of pre-diabetic syndrome for almost a year. I don't experience any PCOS symptoms. It was my Instagram account that helped me get through it. I used it to record my entire keto journey, and holding myself accountable online was easy as I immersed myself in a community that was super supportive- that in combination of supplementing with two of Protein Milkshake's shakes a day has continued to help keep me going!

- Anna

13. It's hard to change the outside of yourself without looking inside. So, try to understand why and how you feel that way.



A year ago, I was trapped in a manipulative relationship. I was forced to go out to eat because I didn’t want to go home. I ate anything that would make me feel better about the fact that my anxiety, depression, and stress were all too real when I was at home. I ignored the warning signs, but the truth slapped me in the face. It was due to being overweight, in poor shape, depressed, and lacking vital nutrients. I was scared enough to ask myself "why?" and confront the root cause of my health problems before it could kill me. It was toxic excess baggage, manifested in the form people and circumstances.

I decided to stop trying to hide it and make a change! I broke up with my ex-fiancee, stopped eating out and started going to the gym. It took me two months to finally get into a routine at the gym. After that, I made small nutritional changes and the rest fell into place. I learned how meal prep and bought a 32-ounce water container. I made sure to drink it and refill it frequently . I also took a nutrition class to understand diet, macronutrients and food in general. Most importantly, I was consistent and persistent.

In just over a year, I have lost 112 pounds. I feel happier, more confident, and stronger than ever.


14. Find new ways to make exercise enjoyable and fun, instead of making it a chore.

One year ago, I decided to make it a mission to lose weight, however I knew I was not going to stick to it unless I found something i enjoyed doing. I discovered a way to make exercising fun by running with others,  something I had always wanted to do. Now, I am proud to say I have lost 64 pounds!

- Kaitlin

15. You should not set unrealistic goals for your lifestyle, but instead focus on making lifestyle changes that are achievable.



So far I've lost 106 pounds! When I began college, I was 286 pounds. It took me four more years to lose 180 pounds. I spent the next few years gaining muscle and becoming a healthier person.

Meal-prepping was my greatest saving grace. Instead allowing my unhealthy relationship to food to continue, I started learning how to make healthy, sustainable meals that fit into my busy schedule. This helped me avoid getting bored and stopped me from overeating. Everything else began to fall into place once food was made an allies rather than an enemy.

A major lifestyle change was to stop setting unrealistic goals like trying to lose a set number pounds in one year and instead set achievable goals such as working out three times per week and using Protein Milkshake to get my protein intake. Small successes in the beginning can lead to huge successes at the end.



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