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May 30 Day Transformation Challenge Cookie Dough Weight Loss Bundle

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This cookie dough has gone viral on Tik Tok for it's Ozempic like effect. With it's perfect combination of protein, fiber and carbs - it's releases high amounts of GLP-1 (the hormone that is synthetically released when you take weight loss medication), which is your gut hormone that makes you feel full. 

Each serving of cookie dough includes one serving of Protein Milkshake and includes 25g grams of fat burning protein—and is ready in 1 minute. No cooking necessary, you ust need a bowl and fork to whip this up.

Enjoy one serving as a snack and two servings as a meal replacement.


Customize the flavors in your bundle. Just add your flavor requests in the notes section of your order if you want a different assortment than the variety packs listed below.

1. 15 servings - 2 Churros, 2 Strawberry Cheesecake, 3 Cookies 'N Cream, 3 Brownie Cheesecake, 3 Vanilla Bean, 2 Tiramisu.

2. 30 servings - 4 Churros,4 Strawberry Cheesecake, 6 Cookies 'N Cream, 6 Brownie Cheesecake, 6 Vanilla Bean, 4 Tiramisu.

With our Protein Milkshake, you can take charge of your goals without compromising on time and taste. 

Enjoy it every day if you'd like, or mix it up with our shakes—your metabolism won't mind! 

Research has found that those making greater strides in fat loss do so by eating higher protein meals with fewer calories per serving, so kick-start your journey today Protein Milkshake. 

Make this trusted fat loss solution part of your routine and experience exceptional results in the next 30 days.

If you would like to customize the flavors of your cookie dough please add your request to the notes section when you place your order.

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