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Put your diet on autopilot with Protein Milkshake Bundles. Free Meal Plan & easy workout Guide Included. Save $395! All Flavors Restocked!


It's high protein and low carb. I am using it in my doctor supervised diet in place of either breakfast or lunch. I have lost 15 pounds in 5 weeks......
– Review by Becky S

Protein Milkshake has raised the bar soo high with these shakes..OH MY GODDESS, the best quality of perfectly balanced protein, low sugar and low carb....the flavor is unbeatable quite frankly. I mix mine with coconut milk and it tasting award in my book...I have tried many terrible chalky tasting competitors in the past...and they aren't even a thought in my mind now...I am a big FAN and loyal new customer...Thank you Milkshake Bar...My body LOVES YA!
– Review by Audrey Q

I've never loved protein powders until this brand. There's a reason why it's always sold out! All the good stuff but with flavor that doesn't make you gag. I know everyone says their protein powder tastes great (but we all know it never does) - this one is actually true! Love it!
– Review by Melanie B.

Let's start with, I am no body builder or fitness expert...just a gal dropping weight because I want to be healthier. That said, I added protein shakes to my diet because the more protein I have per meal, the longer I go without being hungry. I've tried a few kinds but decided on this partly from the reviews and partly the protein and calorie content. It mixes up pretty good just stirring, no large clumps or powdery bits and surprisingly it's tastes good! If you've never tried a protein powder I'd definitely recommend this because I feel it doesn't taste like a strong powder. It has a nice flavor that doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. I will absolutely buy more and try other flavors. I have no issues with taste or consistency.
– Review by Lynda T.

This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!! I am obsessed :-) Great product AND service!!!! Highly recommended.
– Review by Samantha S.

This is the BEST protein shake on the market!!! Great taste, no after taste and I it helps me get my protein in every day. I will never try another brand because all the flavors are awesome!!!
– Review by Nancy

There is no aftertaste at all! I love the creamy flavor. No grittiness either! I have already lost 10 lbs the first week!
– Review by Lisa E.

I can not say enough about this protein! Hands down this is the best tasting protein I've had to date! It blends easily and without clumps and the taste is true to it's name. If you're looking for a protein blend that is flavorful and still packs a nutritional punch - look no further than Protein Milkshake Bar! I absolutely LOVED it!
– Review by R. Novello

OMG this was the best protein shake I have had. Taste like a dessert and was really good. I would recommend these to anyone. I made it with vanilla caramel coffee and added mascarpone cheese and had a tiramisu type shake it was delicious.
– Review by Denise S.

I tried the Cupcake Batter Flavor. I must say it was amazing. Super smooth, no weird after taste, no chemical under tone and over all delicious. It mixes great with oatmeal and my smoothie. I highly recommend this product!
– Review by Justine B.

I have had this shake every morning since I received it and I am hooked. I didn't think anyone could ever create a great tasting protein powder but they did it! I even mix in my yucky green powders, and the shake still tastes amazing. I can't wait to try the other flavors.
– Review by Fawntel R.

I have worked at two gyms and have tried more protein powders I would care to count over the last 13 years... And this one is seriously the best one I have ever had! It literally tastes like cupcake batter... and there is no artificial sweeteners!
– Review by vmama777

I've never loved protein powders until this brand. There's a reason why it's always sold out! All the good stuff but with flavor that doesn't make you gag. I know everyone says their protein powder tastes great (but we all know it never does) - this one is actually true!
– Review by SansSensibility

This stuff is seriously THE BEST tasting protein powder I have ever tried!!!! Tastes just like cupcake batter and it blends SO WELL with liquid (I use almond milk unsweetened). There are absolutely 0 clumps which I love and I just can't get enough. Ordering more right now!
– Review by Virginia W.

This product is AMAZING!!!! The smoothest protein powder I have ever tried and tastes amazing, just like cupcake batter. I was hesitant to try but so glad I did.
– Review by Krystal J.

Wow! All I had to do was open the bag – especially for the Cinnamon Bun. I would've been completely content with just smelling the powder all day ok I lie, who wouldn't want to dig into something that could potentially be the replacement for my dessert craving I deal with on a daily basis? At only 120 calories per scoop, you really can't go wrong. Something else I love there's NO chalky taste at all, even mixed with just plain water.
– Review on:

A skinny cupcake-batter flavored shake made with cupcake-flavored protein. It's hard to believe this shake is so good for you and still tastes so delicious!

They have strawberry shortcake, chocolate mousse, cupcake batter, cinnamon roll, ice cream sandwich, and tons more. (Squeal!) I love it! Okay, I was a little bit skeptical about how authentic the flavors in this protein would taste, but people, it's the real deal! Like the best protein powder I've ever tried!
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