Lose bra fat, strengthen your core and tone your thighs.  

Recommended by Medical Weight Loss Experts 

Limited Edition 30 Day Transformation

(4.87/5) Based on 11,000+ reviews


100% custom calorie deficit and hormone balancing fat loss system

All natural clean ingredient protein meal replacement helps boost metabolism and manage hunger cravings

$477 in savings on your grocery bill with our weight loss & tone transformation nutrition plan



What are our customers saying?

Fitting into my size 4 dress pants and they were baggy. I had to keep pulling them up!!!🎉

sarah s. - protein milkshake transformation customer

I love your Protein Milkshakes so much!! Especially Cream Puff! Thank you so much for being a part of my journey! Almost 50 lbs down and still going! Keep making awesome products!! ❤️

molly m. - protein milkshake transformation customer

My waist is now 30.5 inches it went down like 3 inches just there.

aracely r. - protein milkshake transformation customer

Get $477 in FREE gifts with your transformation bundle. Save 90% TODAY.

Protein Milkshakes 30 Day Transformation is a completely customized five step weight loss system guaranteed to help you lose 1-3 pounds a week consistently until you reach your weight loss goal and includes:

1. A custom nutrition plan calculated based on your body goal($40 value) FREE

You will know exactly how many calories, protein, carbs and fats to eat everyday to lose one to three pounds a week until you reach your weight loss goal.

2. 60 servings of Protein Milkshake - 30 Day Supply  ($189 value) $159

Every morning you will take two servings of Protein Milkshake prepared as a shake or as any of the hundreds of recipe options featured in our transformation meal plan.

3. New meal plans every week -  ($29 value) FREE

Hundreds of recipe ideas to try and save over $200/month on groceries.

Enjoy your favorite foods like pasta, pizza, and burgers everyday with our weight loss approved easy recipes.

Eat them in portions to meet your daily nutrition goals calculated in your custom nutrition plan.

4. Individual and Group Coaching ($587 value) FREE

To guarantee results you have free access to private daily coaching with Protein Milkshake's founder and weight loss specialist, Aesha as well as access to our private Instagram Transformation Group where you can ask other women who have succeeded on the plan questions and get tips and emotional support. DM @proteinmilkshake on Instagram to get free coaching.

6. Bonus Gift bundles (Up to $99 value) FREE

Choose your free bonus bundle gift from:

1. Natural Hormone Balancing & Weight Loss  Supplement Bundle
2. Protein Overnight Oats - Limited Edition Flavors Of The Month
3. Protein Cookie Dough Bundles - Limited Edition Flavors Of The Month
4. $15 Protein Milkshake Gift Card


of customers lost at least one pound in 7 days


of customers had a reduction in belly fat after 30 days


customers reported and 87% reduction in sugar cravings


of customers rated Protein Milkshake #1 for best taste 

What are the benefits of Protein Milkshake?

Steps to Losing 1-2 Pounds Each Week

STEP #1:

Calculate Your  Weight Loss Plan

Get a custom weight loss plan that will tell you the exact amount of calories, protein, carbs, and fat you need to eat daily to lose 1-2 pounds each week until you reach your weight loss goal. Click here to calculate your plan.

STEP #2:

Order Your One Minute Metabolism Makeover

Order your Transformation One Minute Morning Metabolism Makeover Bundle. 2-4 servings of Protein Milkshake are required on our system.
Your meal plan will give you hundreds of ways you can enjoy your morning Protein Milkshake so you never get bored.

STEP #3:

Follow The Transformation Meal Plan

Make recipes for lunch and dinner from the hundreds of recipes featured in the 30 Day Transformation Meal Plan. Or use the recipes as inspiration and create your own.

Eat unprocessed foods in portions that meet the daily nutrition goals from your custom weight loss plan. Click here to access your transformation recipes.

How Do I Make My Protein Milkshake?
 Have Two Scoops A Day Your Way. Never Get Bored Again.

Protein Oatmeal

Protein Shake

 Cookie Dough

Protein Coffee

Protein Cake

Protein Cookie

Protein Waffles

Get All These Recipes And More In Your Weekly Meal Plan

What's Protein Milkshake Made With?
The Best Ingredients Only.

100% natural organic whey protein.

Burns 100  calories during digestion.

Releases  gut hormone GLP-1 for appetite suppression.

Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces sugar cravings.

Speeds up metabolism by building lean muscle.

Works as an appetite suppressant to control hunger.

All natural ingredients promote a healthy gut.

What makes Protein Milkshake So Effective In Weight Loss?

The Founder of Protein Milkshake explains how the natural ingredients added in Protein Milkshake help you reach your goals.

Why choose Protein Milkshake?

this is us

  • 100% All Natural
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Gut Healing
  • Incredible Taste

this is not us

  • Artificial Ingredients
  • Hormone Disrupting
  • Gut Harming/Bloating
  • Chalky Taste


Why does world-leading weight loss physician Dr. James Kojian like it? 

Our expert physician Dr. James Kojian can help determine the optimal
treatment plan for you based on your unique needs and weight loss goals.

Dr. James Kojian MD - Weight Loss Physician 

What are some stories
from our customers?


Frequently Asked Questions

Why customers love Protein Milkshake?

"Absolutely! I'm about to order more because I've been drinking 2 a day 🤣🤣🤣 and I'm down 7.4lbs since Friday!"

Crystal W.

"Protein Milkshake has helped me reach my goals! I'm down 52 lbs! Although I have been on a plateau for the last three months. And in talking with my dietician we've done some restructuring and we are using your protein for my snacks and for my meal at least one meal a day but no more than two. You are my go to. You are my protein powder of choice over everything I've tried. Thank you so much! I have 16 pounds to go and then I will be at my 70 pound weight loss and able to have my first surgery. Thank you!"

Rhonda M

"Today I wore a pair of jeans that I bought almost 6 months ago telling myself that I'll lose weight and fit into it. Tried so many different programs but I couldn't stay consistent. And today, I had to wear those jeans with a belt! I was crying happy tears!! Your program is a God sent for me! I love it. ❤️ ❤️ "

Saher B.

"I am so obsessed with my shakes and these supplements. I can't even tell you. I am just feeling great. No afternoon crash, no upset stomach like I used to have pretty consistently in the morning, hair, nails, and skin all looking fab!🤩"

Heather R.

"Fit into a smaller pair of jeans and a coworker/friend told me I looked like I've lost weight."

Amber S.

From The Founder Of Protein Milkshake

Hi, I’m Aesha, founder of Protein Milkshake. I've battled with with what I like to call my "lazy girl metabolism" for 16 years to no avail.

None of the diets, supplements, prescriptions, workouts - you name it, I tried it.

Nothing helped, and out of desperation I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

After a lot of research and testing I created my first formula - an all natural protein powder - and my body finally responded.

I formulated more products, and a complete 100%  custom weight loss system, and slowly my by body, hair, skin and energy levels changed.

I lost 10 pounds in 30 days, and the weight came off in all the right places to show off my natural curves.

For the first time in almost 2 decades I was comfortable taking photos in a bathing suit at the beach.

It’s the one you see on this page. This is when I decided to share my system with other women who also think they have a "lazy girl metabolism" too, in hopes it will help them too.I go far and wide to find the ingredients and combinations that deliver results.

And I work with the worlds leading doctors to created scientific backed weight loss plans that guarantee results. I choose only the best tasting and the highest quality ingredients. 

Protein Milkshake is 100% natural and heals your gut and hormones to help you become the healthiest and most beautiful version of yourself. Our customers swear by our products - see the unbiased reviews from 17,000+ members for yourself on our website, Amazon and across all ou social media channels.

Try Protein Milkshakes Day Trasnformation and take the frustration out of weight loss with a completely custom plan created just for you.20,000+ happy customers say you’ve got nothing to lose! Join us, we'd love to celebrate your transformation with you.Love,

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One Minute Metabolism Makeover: 30 Day Transformation Bundle  

Recommended by Medical Weight Loss Experts 

August 2023: Limited Edition 30 Day Bundle 

(4.87/5) Based on 11,000+ reviews


100% custom calorie deficit and hormone balancing fat loss system