Weight Watchers Protein Packed Chocolate Parfait

This healthy Weight Watchers protein packed chocolate parfait is created by @Lykkelauren.

Made myself a little sweet treat in the middle of our DIY fest today! ✨⁣

I made an insanely delicious, easy, and protein-packed chocolate parfait! Here’s what I used:⁣

-1 serving of Protein Milkshake (2sp 💚💙💜)⁣
-1 Greek yogurt to desired consistency ⁣
- Birthday cake granola⁣

This Chocolate Sundae protein powder is the real star of the show here! I can’t wait to try other things with it (I’m looking at you, cheesecake ). It tastes rich, decadent, and doesn’t have the grainy consistency that I feel in a lot of other protein powders. I also love that it’s naturally sweetened with Stevia, because y’all know I don’t play the aspartame game. 

Click here for Protein Milkshake.

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