Weight Watchers Birthday Cake Frappe

This delicious Weight Watchers birthday cake frappe was created by @kelso_bbg2. 

Birthday Cake Frappe 

I don't normally drink coffee, unless it's basically ice cream, so I took Protein Milkshake cupcake batter protein powder and transformed it into this gorgeous creation! It was so dang good! I still have half the protein package left and was wondering what other cake batter creation I should make with it! If you guys have any suggestions you should shoot them my way! .
-Freeze a cup of your favorite coffee into ice cubes. (7-8 cubes)
-1/2 cup milk of choice
-A splash of vanilla coffee creamer (I used @drinkiconic Vanilla)
-1 serving Protein Milkshake of choice 
02g cheesecake pudding powder (sugar/fat free)
-dash of vanilla extract
-2g sugar of choice
-Top with cool whip or whipped cream and lots of fun sprinkles

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