Low-Carb Anabolic Caramel Apple Protein Bowl

This healthy low-carb anabolic caramel apple protein bowl was created by @_simplesnacks. 

I'd like to app-ologize for making such an a-peeling bowl of oats!

Up here is my anabolic caramel apple proat bowl. Step aside pumpkin there's a new sheriff in town & his favorite latte is a-salted caramel. 

DA FORMULA: 1/2scoop oats blended in blender to make oat flour, 1 package Protein Milkshake salted caramel latte protein, mix with filtered water until thickish consistency. Microwave 2.5 minutes will be a cake like consistency but moist. Top with 1/4c plain greek yogurt & 1/4c diced sauteed cinnamon apples ( 1 diced apple tossed in stevia & cinnamon cooked on stovetop in inch of water until soft) add on top of bowl drizzle some sugar free maple on top & enjoy!


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