Keto Strawberry Cupcake Shake

This healthy Keto Cupcake Shake is created by @ sophia_keto0

It's Friday and I wanted something SWEET after my cardio sesh. So I'm having a strawberry cupcake for my post workout today.
Not actually But this protein shake comes pretty close.
Thanks Protein Milkshake for this delicious flavor!!
My sweet tooth is out of control sometimes , I swear I rather eat dessert over food.
110 cal • 25g protein • 3 Total carbs
▫️Looking forward to having more guilt free cupcake shakes for post workout energy.
I really enjoy the fact that this is organic grass fed & sweetened with stevia monk fruit!!
Those are important factors. Certain ingredients in proteins can contain fillers or just a bunch of unnecessary junk and sweeteners!! Clean, Delicious, & good macros.

What I used:
▫️1 cup unsweetened silk almond milk

▫️1 serving of Protein Milkshake 

▫️2 scoops of @vitalproteins collagen

▫️3 small fresh strawberries to give it a pop of color

▫️Topped with dairy free whip cream ▫️ @kawaiitreatsandeats sprinkles 


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