Low-Carb Protein Smoothie Bowl

This healthy low-carb protein smoothie bowl was created by @mrsflew2u. 

It’s Day 1 of 365, Can YOU believe it?! Have you set out any goals or intentions you would like to achieve for the year, perhaps each month, week or how about taking it down to the day?! As you can see, I’m celebrating this new year starting off with this delicious protein smoothie bowl using Protein Milkshake cupcake  batter!

It’s so good! This is by far one of my fave protein powder flavors! It’s 2 smarties on @ww too; topped protein bowl off with 10g of granola, 2g sliced almonds, chia seeds, bananas and strawberries, some pieces of birthday cake chocolate bar and YESS sprinkles are a must! 


Click here for Protein Milkshake.

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