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Put your diet on autopilot with Protein Milkshake Bundles. Free Meal Plan & easy workout Guide Included. Save $395! All Flavors Restocked!
NEW: Summer Wedding Cake Weight Loss Bundle + 10 Day Transformation Plan

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NEW: Summer Wedding Cake Weight Loss Bundle + 10 Day Transformation Plan
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Say yes to the... drink? This Summer Wedding Cake Bundle gives you thick and creamy milkshakes with all the flavors of a wedding cake, so you can say "I do" to having your having your cake and your weight loss too!

Our New 10 Day Transformation will introduce you to a new way of enjoying the flavors of your favorite foods while transforming the habits that have been holding you back from your goals!

The rules of the 10 Day Transformation are easy:

• Your daily menu starts with a fat burning and deliciously satisfying Morning Milkshake.

 • Lunch and dinner is an easy combination of protein, one clean carb a day from the list provided in the plan, and veggies.

These foods can be cooked or purchased pre-cooked and even allows for dining out!

• Pamper yourself & speed up fat loss with a daily detox routine that includes sipping on green tea and enjoying daily epsom salt baths to flush out toxins.

Get started today!

The Protein Milkshake Summer Wedding Cake Weight Loss Bundle Bundle includes:

1. Two flavors of Premium Protein Milkshake 

1 X Protein Milkshake Cupcake Batter Premium Whey Protein (30 servings)

1 X Protein Milkshake Cream Puff Premium Whey Protein (30 servings)

2. Five Sample Variety Pack 

1 X Chocolate Mousse

2 X Cream Puff

1 X Strawberry Shortcake

1 X Rocky Road

3. Total Transformation Weight Loss Weight Loss, Detox & Fitness Plan

Protein Milkshake's Low Carb, Low Calorie & Low Fat Premium Whey Protein Nourishes Your Body, Significantly Reduces Your Cravings & Appetite, and is Safe & Effective For Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance.

Protein Milkshake is Gluten Free, Soy Free, rGBH Free, Naturally Sweetened with Organic Stevia, Non-GMO & Ethically Sourced. 

Each serving contains: 22g Protein • 120 Calories • 3g Net Carbs • 2g Fat per serving

Have questions or want to customize your bundle? We'd love to help!

Please contact us via email or text/call: 1.888.582.2580



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