Weight Watchers 4 SP Protein Waffles

These healthy Weight Watchers protein waffles were created by @foodiejudy_ww. 

Protein Waffle 4sp (waffle only)

Protein Milkshake was kind enough to send me a sample of their cake batter protein powder. So, I made waffles for two!

1 serving Protein Milkshake (any flavor) 

1/2 cup @kodiakcakes mix 5sp
Mix with water for right consistency
Cook those babies to perfection.
I served them 2 ways.

1.. top with fried eggs. 2sp each
2.. with my creamed cottage cheese that sweetened with truvia and sf maple syrup. 1sp for 1/3 cup.
Top with fruit.
We split each waffle and had half of each one.


Click here for Protein Milkshake.

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