Low-Carb Chocolate Cake

This healthy low-carb chocolate cake is created by @abs_loses_the_flabs. 

L E T • U S • E A T 🍰

Who says that just because you are on ww you can’t have cake?! they are WRONG!!

Made this delicious cake using Protein Milkshake protein powder, @pillsbury sugar free brownie mix, sugar free chocolate fudge frosting, a can of pumpkin, and some sprinkles!

Bake cake on 325 for 30 minutes! make 8 servings for 5 points each or 16 for 2 points!

LOVE that Protein Milkshake helps me to add protein into my desserts! this keeps me FULL LONGER & they taste great! with 1g of sugar and 22g of protein you really can’t ask for more!


Click here for Protein Milkshake.

Click here for a FREE plan to help keep you accountable. 

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