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let's be honest. it’s the...

let's be honest. it’s the hardest time to stay healthy. staying on track during 2020 has. been. stressful. and stress makes it extra tough to eat healthy, exercise, and stay motivated to lose weight. as much as people have said all you need to do is eat all your meals at home, (in the words of Maury) 2020 has determined, that was a lie. it's acutally much harder to stay on track when you're always by the kitchen - gyms are still closed in many areas, and there isn't anything much to do but to sit on the couch and eat. but great challenges can bring great new ideas and opporunnities. these are a few things that can REALLY help: • keeping your home stocked with healthy food only (that dosen't require portion control when it's hard to have self control): take care of your mental heath by limiting the amount of unhealthy choices you can make. • alcohol: beyond being an empty calorie weight gainer, alcohol is also a depressant. protect your physical and mental health by saying no to alcohol. • protein: staying consistent with your protein goals is an easy an effective way to stay full and keep your metablosim up without spending too much time and energy focusing on dieting. Try 1-2 scoops of @proteinmilkshake blended with almond milk first thing in the am to start your day on the right track. a high protein breakfast will also keep you full throughout the day making it easier to resist making unhealthy food choices in the afternoon and evening. • macros: a foolproof way to stay on track, use an app like myfitnesspal to count the macros in your food. Or click the link in our bio and download the 10 Day Transformation Plan which includes recipe macros. • workouts: youtube workouts are a great way to get healthy while passing time stuck in the house. • meditation and prayers/affirmations: spiritual work clears your mind and gives you a feeling of positive energy which is a mental relief. • positive people: having people around you who encourage you on your journey: follow positive health accounts that inspire you to stay healthy and feel good. hope this brings some stress relief anyone who’s struggling - it is hard right now, if you need help, send us a DM 💖
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