Keto Levain Chocolate Chip Cookies

These healthy keto levain chocolate chip cookies were created by @liftingiscake. 

You must make @ketoassbih KETO LEVAIN COOKIES she brought us some in Saturday and they were SOO GOOD I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about them then this bih starts baking them again yesterday! So this morning I decided to bake a batch even if I can have them yet I will save it for Saturday!

I did make some changes because I did not have coconut flour. So I cut her recipe in half swapped the coconut flour for a tablespoon of protein powder COCONUT CUPCAKE by Protein Milkshake and added a tablespoon plus of vanilla extract because you cannot forget the homies! And I used blueberry and maple granola from @sonourishedinc and of course milk chocolate chips by @choczero oh and I had no molten salt I did sea salt flakes

I took a little nibble and let me tell you OH My GOODNESS this is a must make!!! Best cookie I have tasted!! I don’t know who levain is but this is like mrs fields cookies with the protein powder!


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