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Weight Loss: 9 Tricks To Stay On Track This Week

Follow these simple weight-loss tricks and reach your goal while having fun!

1. Take Progress Pics

Weight loss is a serious commitment. Treat it that way. Briana lost 50 pounds! She credits her weight loss transformation to taking progress pics once a week. Progress pics are much more effective than weighing yourself - because your scale weight will fluctuate for a variety of reasons - and is not a good indicator of your real progress. And when you get discouraged—say, you haven’t lost a pound in a week—seeing the way your body is changing in your progress pics will boost your motivation to keep going.


2. Become a Class Regular

Join a group exercise class and make friends with your fellow regulars. Seeing your new friends will inspire you to attend even when you feel like slacking off. The guilt factor - is always highly motivating. In a setting where everyone knows you, they will know when you’ve missed a workout.


3. Be a Cheapskate

You don’t blow off a doctor's appointment at the last minute, even though it’s about the most un-fun thing in your day. Why? Because you’ll get charged whether you show up or not. Consider investing your money on weight loss in advance. Purchasing a Weight Loss Bundle is a great way to do this. You’ll have 60 healthy meals in your home, which means that there are 60 less times you’ll make an unhealthy decision. And that can save you up to 60,000 unwanted calories - which is about 17 pounds of fat you’ll be able to avoid. And when you have a quick healthy meal waiting for you you, why would you want to spend money on fast food?


4. Talk it Out

Studies prove that support from other people can keep you motivated to lose weight. A new study from the University of Kansas shows that dieters who get counseling over the phone lose just as much as those who get it face to face. So if you can’t make that Weight Watchers meeting, you can always schedule a 15 minute phone session with one of our elite nutrition coaches (free with any purchase!).

5. Lift the Weight You Lose

A great way to push yourself during a frustrating weight loss plateau? Use dumbbells, barbells or kettle bells that correspond to the number of pounds you’ve already lost. You’ll feel accomplished while you struggle to complete four sets of single leg squats with a 15-pound weight - knowing that you’ve shed that weight from your body!


6. Get Out Your Favorite “Skinny” Outift

You know that yogurt commercial where a woman takes a teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini and hangs it on her wall to help motivate her to lose weight? She’s on to something. Pulling your  favorite outfit out of your closet so you see it everyday serves as a powerful visual reminder of the goal you’re trying to accomplish, and the feel good memories you had when you wore that outfit, will make you want to recreate more of those moments.


7. Get a Fur Baby

Studies show that owning a dog can help you drop weight. Why? Exercising your pooch everyday will guarantee you exercise consistently as well. And you won’t be able to say no. Don’t have a pet? Consider becoming a volunteer dog walker at your local SPCA or animal shelter - or volunteer to walk your neighbors dog!


8. Make a Promise

It’s really hard to blow off a commitment you’ve made to lots of people. If you join an athletic event and quit, you’re not just letting yourself down, but also the charity and everyone who sponsored you. Pick a cause you close to your heart and you’ll be helping them achieve their goals while you’re on your way to achieving yours - which will make you feel twice as good - and keep you motivated to keep going.


9. Fall in Love

It’s easy to knock yourself for all the things you’ve done wrong. But negative thoughts will not bring forth positive results. An essential part of weight loss is positive thinking and that starts with you falling in love with your journey. Loving your journey means accepting that things won’t always be great, and that you will stumble. Loving the journey means loving yourself. And that just may be the most important goal of all.

Want to get a head start on your goals this week?

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