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The Secret to Staying Motivated Is Simpler Than You Think

There’s Only 1 New Years Resolution You Should Make….

The first week of January is almost over, and we may already be falling off the wagon with the resolutions that we’ve set.

This may be because we could actually be setting ourselves up for failure.

By making resolution results based, like, to lose X amount of weight or save X amount of money, we lose sight of the most important part of reaching a goal.


When you are consistent - the goal just happens. When your are consistent - resolutions take care of themselves.

So the only New Years Resolution you should make this year is to BE CONSISTENT.

The secret of successful people is that they are consistently motivated.

But the problem is, consistency is HARD. 

It’s hard because it requires a lot of motivation to do the things that you know you should be doing everyday to make your resolutions a reality. 

And being motivated consistently is probably the hardest thing in the world. It’s why many of us fall short of our dreams year in and year out.

So how can you stay consistently motivated?

It’s actually quite simple. Fantasize.

You have to vividly imagine what is will feel like for you when your resolution comes true. If your goal is to lose 30 pounds, for example - close your eyes and imagine what that would feel like. What clothes would you wear? Would you go on a beach vacation to finally feel comfortable showing off your curves in a bikini?

Where would you go? Who would you go with? What would you eat and drink? Would you dance on the beach to a live band?

Studies show that the most successful people are very good at managing their attention and are in the habit of telling themselves stories all the time.

When you have created your story, of what finally achieving your goal will look, feel, sound & taste like - you make sure you envision it everyday - when you wake up and before you go to bed. Consistency is key.

And especially think about your story when you are feeling unmotivated. So when you are at a restaurant, envision your story while you are ordering, and instead of feeling deprived for not ordering dessert, you’ll feel wonderful, knowing that you are inching closer to your dream goal.

When you don’t feel like working out, think out your fantasy. You’ll be motivated enough to keep your date with your workout.

By focusing on your fantasy everyday, it will make the small sacrifices feel like small accomplishments.

 And by turning what would be a negative feeling of deprivation and sacrifice into a positive feeling of accomplishment, you will teach yourself the life changing skill of consistent motivation in order accomplish everything you are dreaming of for 2017 and beyond!

If you’re goal this year is weight loss - our Weight Loss Bundle is designed to keep you consistent. It includes a goal journal, 5 daily meals, nutritional information and the cost of all your food - to keep you on track financially (so you can finally take that dream beach vacation and rock your curves this year) 😚.

Ready to unlock your inner motivation? Let’s go!

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