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How To Make Dreams Come True

I follow a bunch of fitness people and at the beginning of the year, when they posted 30-day challenges, they were getting hundreds of comments per post.Now, just 9 days later, the number of comments has dropped to a trickle. Most people can’t even follow through for 9 days. -Ramit Sethi


How do you follow through to make your goals come true?


Need inspiration. Check out the incredible Amy Rees Anderson:


• She sold the company she created for $377 million dollars

• Amy has been the recipient of several prestigious awards including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

• She’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, USA Today, Fast Company, Bloomberg Businessweek as a result of her many accomplishments


The most impressive part?


Amy had to drop out of college to support and raise her kids as a single mom, and didn’t let these obstacles stop her from fulfilling her destiny. She is 100% self made.


How did Amy go from being a struggling single mom and college dropout to an incredibly wealthy, happily married, successful businesswoman?


By creating a Magic Goal Poster.




Everything Amy cut and pasted into her first poster magically appeared in the years to come. All the accomplishments above started off as mere scraps of paper glued on a board.


She’s now poster number 3.


There’s something very powerful about the subconscious that we often overlook. It seems completely irrational to be able to manifest destiny.


Having created a Magic Goal poster a few weeks ago, I can already feel it’s power. I’ve placed it right beside my bed, and looking at it as soon as I wake up creates a sense of renewed purpose everyday. The changes are small but significant.


Hitting the snooze button every morning is now not an option when I open my eyes to the grand-ness of my vision board.


It’s a powerful thing to be so physically close to your destiny.


Now it’s your turn!

1) Check out our Pinterest board for some inspirational vision boards.

2) Find & print images that deeply move you.

2) Cut and glue your Magic Goal Poster.


Or visit to create an online version. Oprah is also a BIG believer in Magic Goal Posters.


Have you created a Magic Goal Poster? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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